Our Mission

Sylmar Independent Baseball League, Inc.’s mission is to provide seasonal sports training and competition for the children of Sylmar and the surrounding communities.

About Sylmar Independent Baseball League

Sylmar Independent Baseball League was founded in 1957 and was located at two sites before moving to its current location to make way for Mission College at Hubbard and Eldridge.  SIBL owns the property and is well on its way back to health. SIBL has restored its non-profit status and has paid in full all property taxes. SIBL's Directors have the knowledge and the perseverance to turn SIBL back into the source of pride in our community it once was.  We encourage all interested to come and help us, volunteer your time and contribute service, material and money to assure that this facility will be the best it can be forever!.

Current SIBL Directors

 - Please use the contact page to reach the Board of Directors

President Joe Kirk
Executive Vice-President Eric Rodriguez
Vice-President of Equipment Linda Chicas
Vice-President of Facilities Joe Contreraz
Administrative Vice-President Venus Corona
V.P. of Snack Bar Operations Juliana Ocasio
Treasurer Alma Salazar
Secretary Crystal L Ramos
Baseball Commisioner Sergio Terrazas
Softball Commisioner Marianne Drummond 
Player Agent -BB Mustang Victor Espinoza
Player Agent - BB Bronco  
Player Agent - BB Pinto Hilda Guerrero
Player Agent - BB Shetland Greg Ramos
Player Agent - BB 14U  
Player Agent - BB Colt  
Player Agent - Softball (1)  
Player Agent - SB 6U Manuel Mendez
Player Agent - SB 8U Richard Medina
Player Agent - SB 10U Robert Aguirre
Player Agent - SB 12U Lou Rubi
Player Agent - SB 14U Joe Morales
Sponsorship Director  
Publicity Director           Cindy Romero 
Equipment Director - Baseball  
Equipment Director - Softball  
Chief Umpire - Baseball George Yuhasz
Chief Umpire - Softball Guadalupe Yuhasz
Field Director - Shetland (BB)  
Field Director - Pinto (BB)  
Field Director - Mustang (BB) Felix Salazar
Field Director - Bronco (BB)  
Field Director - Pony (BB)  
Field Director - Colt (BB)  
Field Director - Pinto (SB)  
Field Director - Mustang (SB)  
Field Director - Bronco (SB)  
Official Scorekeeper - BB  
Official Scorekeeper - SB  
Snack Bar Assistant - BB  
Snack Bar Assistant - BB  
Snack Bar Assistant - BB  
Snack Bar Assistant - BB  
Snack Bar Assistant - SB  
Snack Bar Assistant - SB  
Tournament Director - BB  
Tournament Director - SB  
Risk Management Director  
Web Administrator Tom Weissbarth
Sergeant at Arms Bonnie Bernard
League Administrator - SB Cynthia Flores
League Administrator - BB Veronica Rodriguez

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